Virtual Reality

25 November 2019

Augmented, mixed and virtual reality, an overview on emerging pedagogical practices. (This virtual living lab will be exclusively in French)


(This virtual living lab will be exclusively in French)


November 28th, from 9 to 11:30 AM

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Learning Outcomes of the virtual Livinglab: 

- to explore extended reality innovations in Education

- to understand the challenges and issues of the use of extended reality in educatio

How to be prepared: (activity in French)

1. Go on the following link: here

2. Write a definition about the meaning of XR (extended reality) and explain its potential in education.

3. Read the other definition and comment

4. Vote for the best definition

The best definition will be published on the Vté website.

Our experts: 

Pierre-Julien Guay, to know more about him click here.

Nicolas Dupain from

Alexandre Trontin et Vincent Olivier from Metier360

Éric Harvey from the Cimmi

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