How do I contribute?

There are several possible levels of participation on the VTÉ site.

A visitor can consult the Vitrine site and read the content of laboratories, publications, and the newsletter. At this level, visitors do not interact with the VTÉ community.

If they want to contribute to the enrichment of the site by submitting their comments or articles, they must become active members of VTÉ by completing the registration form. However, VTÉ personnel reserve the right to approve the comments and articles submitted.

If greater interaction is desired, members can complete a second registration form to participate in a laboratory. This ad hoc activity requires that participants agree to actively participate in all discussions and experimentation for all the lab sessions involved. Invitations to participate in a laboratory are transmitted through our flyer. Registration for the newsletter is required to receive the flyer.

Participants can register for all the laboratories that interest them.

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