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10500, avenue de Bois-de-Boulogne
Montréal (Québec) H4N 1L4
Tel.:  514 332-3000, extension 6022

Our team

Pascale Blanc 
Tel.: 514 332-3000, extension 6026

Pascale Blanc has been coordinator of the Vitrine technologie-éducation since April 2018. Trained in France in computer science and in Quebec in administration, she has over 20 years of experience in information and communication technologies in the fields of education, health and urban transportation, and over 10 years in the management of support for teaching, learning and pedagogical innovation. In 2016, Pascale Blanc joined the Vitrine technologie-éducation team as a technopedagogy consultant. Accompanying the transformation of education to take advantage of the use of ICT in education and supporting pedagogical innovation in order to prepare citizens for an increasingly digital world are her objectives she is passionate about and holds dear to her heart.

Florence Sedaminou Muratet
Pedagogical Advisor
Tel.: 514 332-3000, extension 6023
Florence Sedaminou Muratet has a Master of Arts in anthropology (Paris X University) and a Master of Arts in Teaching French (La Réunion University). Her specialities include digital learning and integrating information and communication tools for learning (ICT). She is proud to be part of the Vitrine technologie-éducation’s team, as a pedagogical counsellor. Florence is a devoted educator who gained invaluable experience while developing school curriculum renewal in several countries, especially regarding the use of ICT in class and pedagogical innovations. She taught at McGill University as Faculty Lecturer and is an active member of the BILD (Belonging, Identity, Language, Diversity research group). Her research interests focus on an anthropological approach of the use of ICT among students, and also the interactions between Human and predictive machine (Chatbot.)

Dominique Régnier
Pedagogical Advisor
Tel.: 514 332-3000, extension 6028

Holder of Diploma in educational technology, Dominique Régnier has started her career in product development, first as a product engineer, then as a product manager. Having a profound interest in gamification and emerging technologies, she then accompanied several classes of students in educational robotics, participated in the development of a concept of continuing education in virtual reality, and as part of her studies, she investigated the contribution of augmented reality in education.  She also coordinated various online training projects and participated in a university research project on the use of Wikipedia in the classroom.

Rosine Page Faye
Administrative secretary
Tel.: 514 332-3000, extension 6025

Rosine Page Faye is an Information Technician at Vitrine technologie-éducation. She is in charge of administrative management and publications on social networks. She has a long experience as assistant and translator, in various areas, in France and Quebec.

Pierre-Julien Guay 

Special Collaborator

Pierre-Julien Guay was the coordinator of Vitrine technologie-éducation since its creation in 1992 until 2018. He is president of the Groupe de travail québécois sur les normes et standards en TI pour l’apprentissage, l’éducation et la formation (GTN-Québec). He previously worked at the ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec (MELS) where he oversaw the development of some 50 projects on IT teaching materials, many of which have won awards. Since 2004, Pierre-Julien Guay has been especially active in learning, education, and teaching standards. He is a Canadian delegate who worked on ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36, a co-author of parts 2, 3, and 5 of ISO/IEC 19788 Metadata for Learning Resources, and a member of the Learning Technology Standards Observatory. In addition to the standards part, Pierre-Julien Guay shares his expertise for specific projects of the VTÉ.

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