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Writing Support Technology

Labo : Writing Support Lab - Step 1

Link Compilation: Assessment, Feedback, and Grading Written Work

By Alexandre Enkerli. The 18 February 2015


Compiled through Diigo.




Feedback, Assessment, Grading, Testing

Automated Essay Scoring

Some people have high hopes for automation in grading while others are skeptical or even worried.


Universal Design for Learning

Assistive Technology


Digital Humanities

Dealing with digital texts is a house speciality, for Digital Humanities.

CALL: Computer-Assisted Language Learning

As a concept, Computer-Assisted Language Learning can be pretty broad. We’ll explore several dimensions during the third step in the lab. There are strong connections between self-assessment, revision, rewriting, and teacher-provided feedback.

Grammar Checking

Grammar- (and spell-) checkers are almost taken for granted. However, many people may be ambivalent about their pedagogical potential. Are their appropriate uses for grammar checkers? Can they help in assessment?


Writing Projects


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