Step 3 : Implementing Badges

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After exploring broad issues and concepts related to badges and delving deeper into the diversity of contexts in which badges can be used, we are expanding our experimentation with badges towards the full ecosystem needed to make them work. This work helps us in getting ready to implement badging projects in our own milieus, if and when they can fit in broader contexts.

 The live session was held on December 11 from 1:30pm to 3:00pm (Eastern Standard Time (EST), GMT-5).

Previous Lab Sessions

The summary of the first lab session is available, along with that session’s recording. The recording from the second lab session is also available, along with a summary and a guest’s perspective.

From the lab’s very beginning, we have been using a collaborative document to collect questions, comments, data, resources, thoughts, and ideas. This document can be edited by anyone who has the link, without needing any account. During each lab session, we monitor this document for questions and thoughts to be brought up with the experts. We will continue maintaining this document and integrate it with the rest of our work together.

Feel free to consult some of the resources below. If you want to recommend more resources, you can add them to that shared document.

 The recording from the session appears in the box below. You need to click the black or red “Play” button to access it. 

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This video recording will remain available through YouTube, and embedded here for future reference.

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