In spring 1992, in response to the challenge of integrating new technologies into education, the Direction générale de l'enseignement collégial (DGEC) in collaboration with Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne created a showcase for computer assisted education (Vitrine APO), now called Vitrine technologie-éducation.

Search engine optimization of educational software and then of the first sites with pedagogical content has led to the creation of the collective Eurêka catalogue which lists and distributes in all French-speaking communities the resources produced by network partner organizations while applying the best practices of norms and standards.

The speed of technological change challenges the ability to anticipate users and results in pedagogical stakeholders pursuing these changes instead of using the resources and putting them at the service of pedagogy and teaching. To remedy this situation, the college network must develop an interface that enables the integration of new pedagogical information and communication media.

Since its creation, Vitrine technologie-éducation helps support the activities of ICT pedagogical counsellors while at the same time increasing the knowledge and improving the competencies of college network teaching personnel.

The creation of new partner organizations has also significantly changed elements of the mandate relating to training and delivery. Support from the Ministère ensures complementarity and cooperation among organizations along with the development of new approaches that promote the creation of highly beneficial synergies, especially in living laboratories.

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