How does it work?

The establishment of research-action laboratories centred on observation (research) and implementation (action) of concrete projects in the field, is part of the technology watch activities of Vitrine technologie-éducation (VTÉ) in addition to the collection and analysis of scientific, technical, and technological information. This space for exploration and experimentation is called a VTÉ Laboratory and occupies a privileged zone on the Vitrine technologie-éducation site.

In a desire to support pedagogical innovation in accordance with the responsible use of digital information and technologies, VTÉ aims to contribute to research that leads to changes inspired by the principles of research-action where researchers unite with practitioners as well as solution providers from either public or private sector. The objective of the research-action method is to transform reality and to produce knowledge related to these transformations. The emphasis is on sharing experiences (to break the isolation of innovative teachers), on the stages of planning, on the implementation and evaluation of the projects of these teachers, and on the good things we do and the bad, as well as on the obstacles encountered and the strategies used to overcome them. A critical look is encouraged by the facilitators, including for digital solidarity, for sharing of resources, for the environmental impact of technologies, and for the long-term survival of educational innovations involving the digital world.

So far and based on the first VTÉ Labs in English, every month during the school year, VTÉ sets up a laboratory of three to four sessions (1:30). While assuming facilitation of the laboratory during the project, Vitrine technologie-éducation also enables relationships of experts with practitioners all around the world, new teachers with experienced teachers, including students. VTÉ offers a number of availability schedules as well as occasional synchronous sessions by videoconference.

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